O p t i c a la b - My mission, your vision!



Wear glasses is no longer a problem. The tricky thing is to find glasses that makes you feel good, and that are not so expensive! That's what happened to us. That's why we specialize in creating a completely different catalog so you can find glasses to look great.

We offer a selection of different frames, with designs that will be difficult to find in conventional optics. 

You only have to worry about knowing your pupillary distance and your eye graduation. With the first thing we help you, but to know your exact graduation we recommend you visit your eye doctor regularly and get your prescription. All our lenses have all the guarantees of quality, so you can relax. And when you receive them if they do not fit you, you can return them to us and try another model. No commitment.

And now that we know ecah other, lets fulfill our mission: find your perfect glasses


Nomads Vision S.A
Apdo nº 201
11380 Tarifa (CA)
+ 34 856 92 93 67
+34 656 70 84 03

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