H E L P & F A Q´s

For any questions you may have or even those questions regarding how your new pair of glasses are build and their characteristics, ask us what you need to know.


L E N S E S      M A T E R I A L -

What material are they?

In Opticalab organic lenses are the chossen ones to make your new pair of glasses. It has many advantages : it is more resistant to shocks (plus we apply an anti- scratch layer) , is lighter, absorbs 100 % of UV rays and they are adapt much better to most of the frames .


T Y P E    OF    L E N S E S -

What would be your reduction recomendation rate for my graduation ?

This is a very common question, Opticalab wants to help you to better understand the world of the lenses and the savings achieved by choosing the right one. We have produced a guide to help you in making your decision.

  • Graduations between +2.5 and -2.5. We usually recommended lens with an index of 1.50. With this index you ensure a new pair of glasses with a thin and light lens , it is the most economical of all our lenses and has a great popularity .

  • For graduations between -4 and +3, we recommend lens with an index of 1.57 .

  • Index 1.57 to 1.67 would be perfect for lower or higher than +3 -4 graduations .

  • 1.74 index is definitely the right choice when we find prescriptions below -5 or above +4.

With this image we hope to illustrate the thicknesses of the lenses and the correct choosing depending on the graduation and reducing myopia lens :


Lenses Index 


Lens to correct hyperopia are more less choosen by same comparative: index / thickness you would like, considering that the lenses have different shape ( as opposed to corrective lenses , lenses for hyperopia are thicker in the center than at the edges) .



F A Q´s

I have a strong prescription — can you fill it? What if I have astigmatism?

We can fill a wide range of single vision prescriptions, including prescriptions with astigmatism. However, we do have some limitations.


Prescription Optical Glasses


Sphere (SPH): If you do not have astigmatism, the SPH will be the only value on your prescription (no CYL or Axis). We cannot fill prescriptions with an SPH value stronger than -10.00 or +6.00.

Cylinder (CYL):  If you have astigmatism in either eye, you will have a CYL value in your prescription. We cannot fill prescriptions with a CYL value stronger than ±4.00.

While the above SPH and CYL values are at the extreme ends of our range, our ability to fill your prescription depends on your specific combination of SPH and CYL values.

If your SPH is stronger than -8.00 in either eye and you also have a CYL value, please send us an e-mail and we will reach you or give us a call at + 34 656708404 , Mon–Fri, 9am–9pm.

We would love to discuss your prescription in detail to determine whether or not we will be able to provide you with quality prescription lenses.


What is my pupillary distance (or PD), and how do I get it measured?

Your PD is the distance in millimetres between the centers of your pupils. We use this measurement to align the optical center of the lens with the center of your eye in order to avoid unnecessary eye strain.


Your PD may already be on file with your doctor or the last place that made your prescription glasses. If not, the measurement can also be done at any optical shop, at home with the help of a relative or by yourself with a mirror. Check here for see how to

Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?

We are already developing this area, bifocal / progressive (no-line bifocal) lenses in our glasses. We can provide single vision prescription lenses using either your distance or reading prescription. If your prescription is written for bifocals or progressives, please contact us to let us know whether you’d like us to make your glasses using the distance portion or reading portion of your eyeglass prescription.


Also if you find an Opticalab frame that you love and would like to have bifocal or progressive lenses installed, we also offer a frame-only purchase option for 10% off the standard price for customers who prefer to purchase the frames alone and have the lenses of their choice inserted elsewhere. If you’d like to take this route, please select “Non-Prescription Glasses” during checkout and then choose and 10% discount will be applied to your order.

Do you offer reading glasses (aka readers)?

Yes! All of our optical glasses can be reading glasses. First, select the frames you’d like to buy and click the blue “Add to Cart” button to add them to your shopping cart. During the checkout process, you will be given the choice to purchase prescription, non-prescription, or reading glasses. Once you select “Reading Glasses”, you will be asked to specify the lens magnification strength you’d like (up to +6.00). From there you can provide shipping and billing information and submit your order.


Yes! All our optical lenses can be made into reading glasses. First you have to select the frame you wish to purchase and on the next step you have to tell us the use of your new pair of glasses: "reading glasses" . In the next step you will have to specify the diopter you need for this pair. Once you have completed the fields, just click add to cart and proceed to complete the check out process.

Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?

Unfortunately, contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions are different. The simple reason is because contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, while eyeglasses are held in front of your eyes. Though the prescriptions may appear similar, they will differ in strength and are not interchangeable. We cannot — and, for your safety, would not — use your contact lens prescription to make your glasses.


How do I get a prescription?

Please visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist to obtain both an eye exam and a prescription. They should provide you with a written copy of your prescription before you leave, but you can always ask for one if they don’t.


You will need a valid glasses prescription that is less than 2 years old from the issued date

Please also ask your doctor to measure and record your PD on your prescription.

Your PD is the distance between your two pupils measured in millimeters (e.g. 60). Your PD is not always included in your eyeglass prescription, but it’s very helpful for us to have when making your eyeglasses to ensure that they fit you perfectly.

I’m unsure about how to enter my eyeglass prescription online. Can I send it to you instead?

Of course! You can email us a copy at info@opticalab.com. When you send us your prescription, please include your name, email address, and order number so that we can match up the prescription to the correct customer.

If you have any questions about your prescription, please give us a call at +34 656708403 , Mon–Fri, 9am–9pm ET.


I see the letters “DS” or “SPH” written in the Cylinder column of my prescription — what does this mean?

This is essentially a fancy way of saying that you do not have a Cylinder or Axis measurement in one or both eyes. While most people will have measurements in their Sphere column for both eyes, you will only have a Cylinder measurement in either eye if you have astigmatism in that eye. If you don’t, your doctor will either leave that column blank, or will write “SPH” or “DS” to make it clear that you only have a Sphere measurement for this eye. If you have any questions about your prescription, please email us at info@opticalab.com or give us a call + 34 656 70 84 03, Mon–Fri, 9am–9pm ET.


Who checks my order to make sure I haven’t entered anything that is obviously wrong?

Our team reviews every single order for prescription glasses. If we come across anything out of the ordinary or clearly incorrect, we will email or call you to clarify. Keep in mind that because prescriptions can differ greatly from person to person, we are unlikely to catch prescription entry errors unless you have provided us with a copy of your prescription (which you can do by either uploading a scan or picture of it during checkout, or emailing the file to info@opticalab.com after placing your order).

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