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Because your eyes are the most important thing for us, we will ensure that we have the details of your prescription, the recent the better. The view changes and the best way to ensure success is to take care of your revisions so your new pair fits you perfect. If your prescription is more than two years old, It is time of an optometrist visit . It is important that you get your prescription and do not forget to ask your specialist including your pupillary distance (PD) in the report. Ophthalmologists are legally obliged to give you a copy of your graduation without extra charge.

Well now we're ready , let's go get those great new pair of glasses!



We've made it easy for you to find a new pair that will make you look amazing!, we have gone crazy choosing models and traveled to remote places to find inspiring collections , your eyes deserve no less . So look for the one that best suit your style and remember that in the diagram next to the image we show you the sizes of each model, so you 'll get an idea of the actual frame size.



  1. Please use the drop down to give us an idea of how are you going to use this fantastic pair of glasses

  2. Now It is lenses choosing (the price might vary depending on the thickness ) . When higher diopters we recommend finer lenses, so your glasses will be lighter .

  3. It's almost ready , we just need that you enter your prescription . If doubts appears , take a look here or click on the interrogation sign of each box for help. This is the most important part of the process , if you find problems or have doubts we are available to help. If your prescription presents only numbers for Sphere, you must leave the data Axis and Cylinder on white, but you must not forget enter your pupillary distance . If you prefer , we give you the option to scan or photograph your report and send it to us, we will do it for you ; )



Once your new pair of glasses are added to cart with all your customization we recommend you to Register, as these are all advantages: it is free , keeps your prescription data for future purchases and every two years we remember you to visit your ophthalmologist , all obviously confidential. Through your account you will also have access to view the status of your order.



This is the final look to make sure everything is exactly what you like and you just need to confirm the payment .

The system will ask you to select the method of payment of your choice: Card, Paypal, bank transfer or Bitcoins . If you prefer to pay by bank transfer , you will receive an email indicating the holder and account number in which you must make the deposit . Have a period of 5 days to make the payment for the amount indicated and concept . You must send us proof of the transaction to We verify the authenticity of each request, in order to prevent credit card fraud and payment services; We will confirm that our suppliers are able to offer your chossen product. If the order can not be process or accepted after we received you payment we will contact you by email or by phone.

The price listed on the site include VAT. Prices listed on this site do not include shipping. The customer will pay the price in the order.

Opticalab reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in their sole discretion.



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